Touching Story About A Soft-Hearted Hero Soldier Who Saved Dying Baby Squirell And Now They Are Best Friends!

Warrant officer Pyotr Pankratau was serving in the Belarussian army. One day he found a baby squirrel while out on patrol. The tiny poor thing was in need of urgent care, so he decided to bring it back to their commanding officer. The officer took care of this weak, dying little squirrel.



He even managed to squeeze in feeds of milk every four hours around his busy schedule and the little squirrel was slowly getting stronger. Once the the squirrel began to act healthy, it didn’t want to leave the officer’s side. That is when the two became the best of friends. When the officer left the army, he took the squirrel back home with him. Now, he is retired and works as a cab driver and the squirrel is always keeping him company.



Sometimes relaxing in the sun is too much for the squirrel, so he needs to take a nap!



Pankratau named the squirrel Minsk – after the Belarus capital – and he now never leaves his side.



Back at home the squirrel meet even more friends and they are inseperable as well!




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