This Super Talented 3-Year-Old Violinist And His Mentor ANDRE RIEU Took The Stage And Brought Tears Of Joy To MILLIONS!



Akim Camara is so talented and it blew me away as he played the violin alongside Andre Rieu in 2005.

Akim did have the honor to perform next to the great violinist. Andre Rieu was contacted by the child’s violin teacher, who sent him a video of Akim’s first public performance, after only 6 months of learning.

The maestro was so stunned with his natural talent and ability to memorize any piece he hears after a couple of auditions and to replicate it as well, that he took the toddler under his protection. From normal school to concerts all over the world, Akim is guided and protected not only by his parents and family, but also by one of the greatest talents in the world right now.

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