This SENSATIONAL Little 3-Year-Old Guy Is Going To Be A Great Lawyer Or A Politician Someday…


Mateo is just a little boy but he sure knows how to talk himself out of a situation. For now all he wants out of life is a cupcake – and doesn’t his mother know it. The cute toddler is forcefully making the case for eating the treat instead of his dinner.  His mother Linda is heard admonishing the tot for going behind her back and asking Grandma for a cupcake. It’s one of the oldest tricks in a child’s book: if Mom says no, ask Grandma instead.

Instead of accepting a telling-off, Mateo answers back, even addressing his mother by her first name. Some of the words are clearly in the emerging vocabulary of a child, but at some moments, Mateo sounds clearly like an adult when he moans he is not being listened to.



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