Speechless…This Little Lady Brought Me To Tears. Wow I’ve Watched This Clip 12 Times Already!

This 12-year-old uses ventriloquism to stuns the crowd with a surprising singing act. Stepping on the America’s Got Talent stage as an adult is intimidating enough, but Darci overcame her shyness. Her performance had people watching live and on television hooting and hollering! She was truly amazing!! Ventriloquism is already impressive when you can pull it off but the fact that she was SINGING and had such a beautiful voice!! With Darci’s “dummy” by her side, she confidently stands on the America’s Got Talent stage. But as soon as Simon starts to ask about her routine, she breaks out with a serious case of the giggles. Soon she has her excitement tamped down and she’s ready to demonstrate her impressive ventriloquist act! Not only does she make her ventriloquist bunny talk, but “it” sings with the voice of an angel.


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