Rescued Baby Deer Is Missing A Leg, Now Watch What These Dogs Did To Him.

At only two days old she was sadly orphaned and taken to a local vet. She was found with her front limb partially severed which needed immediate attention if she was to survive.While in the clinic, the injured Rudie was fortunate enough to come across someone very special. One of the nursed bonded with her instantly, she helped get Rudie through the very worst times. Being an animal enthusiast, the nurse already has many rescue animals in her home including puppies, cats, horses and full-grown dogs.When Rudie was first introduced to the animals at her new home she was she was welcomed with open arms by a caring puppy. The puppy was there for her and they instantly became inseparable and over time this bond continued to grow. Helping the fawn find her feet and begin to enjoy life again. What do you think let us know in the comments section below? We always love hearing from you.

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