All Shy And Adorable 12-year-old Diva Maia Gough Singing Whitney Houston Will SERIOUSLY Make You Cry.

Maia hits the stage all shy and adorable in her pretty little dress, explaining that she’s brought ‘the whole of Wales’ along with her to the auditions – referring to her huge and supportive family.
But what this schoolgirl is about to do is far from cute. She tells the judges that she will sing Whitney Houston, because the diva is a big inspiration of hers.
The judges were skeptical and thought she is just another little girl who loves Whitney Houston so much, she’s going to try and copy her.

Not only does the pre-teen hit every single note with serious gusto, she’s even got the diva arm movements going. You have to take into account that she is 12-years-old but she is already a diva and she really can hold the crowd’s attention like any adult singer.
Maia receives a standing ovation from the audience and all four judges, who give her an amazing critique. We think she deserved this and hope all the best for her future as a diva!

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